Our Mission

PMC’s mission is to provide a premier property management service. PMC accomplishes this through its unique interactive team approach which, backed with the latest technology, ensures that your property’s needs are taken care of promptly, efficiently, and well.

Individualized Treatment

pacific-heights-place_smallNo two buildings are alike, which means that a boiler-plate approach is neither viable nor consistent with excellent, personal, tailored service. We have proved that there is no substitute for theconcentrated in-depth level of service and attention achieved when dedicated individual management works within an organizational basis of networked team strategy. Even with the best will in the world, a busy manager with a large portfolio simply cannot match this consistent standard of service.

Example: In very recent experience, we saved a Nob Hill association over a quarter of a million dollars in preventing unnecessary systems replacement.


By analyzing your operating expenses and carefully reviewing your service contracts, we achieve true efficiency and hence reduce your operating costs. This translates directly into lower homeowner dues.


PMC offers a high-quality management service in which homeowners and HOA Boards of Directors can have absolute confidence. What we offer is efficiency and your peace of mind.